The essay of which this is an abstract originally appeared in the Proceedings and Addresses of The American Philosophical Association, 55, 3 (February 1982) 417-423. Copyright © 1982, Peter Suber.

Abstract of
The Place of Philosophy in the Humanities:
A Statistical Profile
Peter Suber, Philosophy Department, Earlham College

In this article I summarize data from two then-recent studies of humanities Ph.D.s in the United States: (1) Employment of Humanities Ph.D.s: A Departure From Traditional Jobs, and (2) Science, Engineering, and Humanities Doctorates in the United States, 1979 Profile. Both studies were produced under the direction of Betty D. Maxfield for the National Research Council Commission on Human Resources, and published by the federal government in 1980. The former uses 1977 data, and the latter 1979 data.

I put up only an abstract here, not full-text, because the data analyzed in the study are now quite old, and I don't have a digital version of the original.


Ribbon] Peter Suber, Department of Philosophy, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, 47374, U.S.A. Copyright © 1982, Peter Suber.