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2001 Hawaii Senate Bill No. 2180
Prohibits discrimination in employment due to an individual's genetic information. Prohibits requiring genetic testing as a prerequisite for health, life, and long-term care insurance.
04/09/2002 In HOUSE. Read third time. Passed HOUSE. ***To SENATE for concurrence.
2001 Minnesota House File No. 2967 82nd
Regular Session
Relates to health; requires laboratories that perform human genetic testing or forensic DNA testing to be accredited by or meet the standards of appropriate organizations; establishes fees; authorizes rulemaking; provides penalties; amends Minnesota Statutes 2000, sections 144.99, subdivision 1; 257.62, subdivisions 5, 6; 299C.155, subdivision 3; proposes coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapters 144; 299C.
02/07/2002 INTROD.
2001 Minnesota Senate File No. 1721 82nd Reg. Sessn
Relates to employment; regulates the use of genetic testing in employment; provides penalties.
05/21/2001 Signed by GOVERNOR.
2002 Missouri Senate Bill No. 803 91st General Assembly -- Second Regular Session
Relates to the use of genetic information and testing for insurance purposes; redefines genetic information and genetic test for purposes of restriction on use of genetic information by insurers; limits further disclosure of genetic information; prohibits employers from seeking or obtaining genetic information or a DNA sample from a current or prospective employee; provides injunctive relief for unauthorized disclosure.
12/05/2001 PREFILED.
01/09/2002 INTRODUCED.
2001 Nebraska Legislative Bill No. 432 97th
Relates to genetic testing; provides requirements relating to use and disposition of genetic testing and results relating to physicians, insurance, employers and employees, criminal investigations, paternity, and newborn infants; provides requirements for laboratories performing human genetic and forensic testing.
05/25/2001 Signed by GOVERNOR.
2001 New Hampshire House Bill No. 668 2nd Year of the 157th Sess’n of the General Court
Prohibits the use of genetic testing for certain insurance purposes
01/10/2002 Passed HOUSE. *****To SENATE.
2001 New York Senate Bill No. 5489 224th Annual Legislative Session
Relates to the genetic testing of biological samples for research purposes; requires that the research must be conducted pursuant to a research protocol approved by an institutional review board; requires that the individuals who provided the samples have given prior written informed consent for the use of their sample for general research purposes and did not specify time limits or other factors that would restrict the use of the sample.
09/19/2001 Signed by GOVERNOR
2001 Pennsylvania Senate Bill No. 541 185th Gen. Assem. 2001-02 Reg Ses’n
Ensures the confidentiality of information obtained from a genetic test and regulating its collection, retention, use and dissemination.
02/20/2001 INTRODUCED.
02/20/2001 To SENATE Committee on JUDICIARY.
2001 Rhode Island House Bill No. 7149 2001-2002 Legislative Session
This act would prohibit employers and employment agencies from denying employment, and would prohibit licensing agencies from denying occupational licenses based on a refusal to submit to genetic testing by the employee or applicant. This act also would provide for confidentiality of genetic information with certain exception. This act would take effect upon passage.
01/31/2002 INTRODUCED. 01/31/2002 To HOUSE Committee on LABOR.
04/04/2002 From HOUSE Committee on LABOR: Recommended as amended.
2001 Rhode Island Senate Bill No. 803 2001-2002
Legislative Session
Provides protection from unauthorized disclosures of genetic test results and genetic information. Prohibits health plan providers from releasing genetic information without prior written authorization. Provides an exception for research governed by Federal policy including the testing of somatic mutations and forensic tests.
06/27/2001 Signed by GOVERNOR.
2002 South Dakota Senate Bill No. 93 77th
Establishes certain requirements for genetic testing.
02/20/2002 Signed by GOV.
02/23/2002 File w/ Sec of State.
2001 South Dakota Senate Bill No. 1 76th
Requires written informed consent before genetic testing.
02/08/2001 Signed by GOV
2001 South Dakota House Bill No. 1003 76th
Prohibits the use of genetic tests in the offer, sale, or renewal of health insurance.
03/05/2001 Signed by GOVERNOR.
2002 Virginia House Bill No. 1307 2002 Session
Prohibits employment, failure to promote or discharge discrimination of the basis of genetic testing or characteristics as a condition of such employment.
04/06/2002 Signed by GOVERNOR. 04/06/2002 Acts of Assembly. Chapter No.
2002 Wyoming House Bill No. 73 56th Wyoming
Relates to genetic testing; limits the disclosure of information obtained as a result of a genetic test; authorizes certain disclosures; provides a cause of action for violations; provides an effective date.
02/11/2002 INTRODUCED.
02/13/2002 Withdrawn from further consideration