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    • Stochastic Tunneling of Two Mutations in a Population of Cancer Cells 

      Haeno, Hiroshi; Maruvka, Yosef E.; Iwasa, Yoh; Michor, Franziska (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Cancer initiation, progression, and the emergence of drug resistance are driven by specific genetic and/or epigenetic alterations such as point mutations, structural alterations, DNA methylation and histone modification ...
    • Tumor cells can follow distinct evolutionary paths to become resistant to epidermal growth factor receptor inhibition 

      Hata, Aaron N; Niederst, Matthew J; Archibald, Hannah L; Gomez-Caraballo, Maria; Siddiqui, Faria M; Mulvey, Hillary E; Maruvka, Yosef E; Ji, Fei; Bhang, Hyo-eun C; Radhakrishna, Viveksagar Krishnamurthy; Siravegna, Giulia; Hu, Haichuan; Raoof, Sana; Lockerman, Elizabeth; Kalsy, Anuj; Lee, Dana; Keating, Celina L; Ruddy, David A; Damon, Leah J; Crystal, Adam S; Costa, Carlotta; Piotrowska, Zofia; Bardelli, Alberto; Iafrate, Anthony J; Sadreyev, Ruslan I; Stegmeier, Frank; Getz, Gad; Sequist, Lecia V; Faber, Anthony C; Engelman, Jeffrey A (2016)
      Although mechanisms of acquired resistance of EGFR mutant non-small cell lung cancers to EGFR inhibitors have been identified, little is known about how resistant clones evolve during drug therapy. Here, we observe that ...
    • You Name It – How Memory and Delay Govern First Name Dynamics 

      Kessler, David A.; Maruvka, Yosef E.; Ouren, Jøergen; Shnerb, Nadav M. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      The adoption and abandonment of first names through time is a fascinating phenomenon that may shed light on social dynamics and the forces that determine cultural taste in general. Here we show that baby name dynamics is ...