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    • The Boston Public School Match 

      Abdulkadiroglu, Atila; Pathak, Parag A.; Roth, Alvin; Sönmez, Tayfun (American Economic Association, 2005)
    • A Choice Prediction Competition for Market Entry Games: An Introduction 

      Erev, Ido; Ert, Eyal; Roth, Alvin E. (MDPI AG, 2010)
      A choice prediction competition is organized that focuses on decisions from experience in market entry games ( and The competition is ...
    • A Choice Prediction Competition for Social Preferences in Simple Extensive Form Games: An Introduction 

      Ert, Eyal; Erev, Ido; Roth, Alvin E. (MDPI AG, 2011)
      Two independent, but related, choice prediction competitions are organized that focus on behavior in simple two-person extensive form games one focuses on predicting the ...
    • A Choice Prediction Competition: Choices From Experience and From Description 

      Erev, Ido; Ert, Eyal; Roth, Alvin E.; Haruvy, Ernan; Herzog, Stefan; Hau, Robin; Hertwig, Ralph; Stewart, Terrence; West, Robert; Lebiere, Christian (John Wiley and Sons, 2009)
      Erev, Ert, and Roth organized three choice prediction competitions focused on three related choice tasks: one shot decisions from description (decisions under risk), one shot decisions from experience, and repeated decisions ...
    • The collapse of a medical labor clearinghouse (and why such failures are rare) 

      McKinney, C. Nicholas; Niederle, Muriel; Roth, Alvin (2005)
    • Deferred Acceptance Algorithms: History, Theory, Practice, and Open Questions 

      Roth, Alvin (Springer, 2008)
      The deferred acceptance algorithm proposed by Gale and Shapley (1962) has had a profound influence on market design, both directly, by being adapted into practical matching mechanisms, and, indirectly, by raising new ...
    • The Economist as Engineer: Game Theory, Experimentation, and Computation as Tools for Design Economics 

      Roth, Alvin E. (The Econometric Society, 2002)
      Economists have lately been called upon not only to analyze markets, but to design them. Market design involves a responsibility for detail, a need to deal with all of a market’s complications, not just its principle ...
    • Efficient Kidney Exchange: Coincidence of Wants in a Markets with Compatibility-Based Preferences 

      Roth, Alvin; Sönmez, Tayfun; Ünver, M. Utku (American Economic Association, 2007)
      Patients needing kidney transplants may have donors who cannot donate to them because of blood or tissue incompatibility. Incompatible patient-donor pairs can exchange donor kidneys with other pairs only when there is a ...
    • Essays in Behavioral Economics 

      Peysakhovich, Alexander (2013-03-14)
      Essays in this dissertation cover three topics in behavioral economics: social preferences, ambiguity aversion and self-control. The first essay, based on work with Aurelie Ouss, studies the behavior of individuals making ...
    • Essays in Market Design 

      Leshno, Jacob (2013-02-14)
      This dissertation consists of three essays in market design. The first essay studies a dynamic allocation problem. The second presents a new model for many-to-one matching markets where colleges are matched to a large ...
    • Essays in Microeconomics 

      Monteiro de Azevedo, Eduardo (2013-02-13)
      This dissertation consists of three essays on microeconomics. The first essay considers matching markets, markets where buyers and sellers and concerned about who they interact with. It proposes a model to analyze these ...
    • Essays on Indices and Matching 

      Shorrer, Ran I. (2015-05-11)
      In many decision problems, agents base their actions on a simple objective index, a single number that summarizes the available information about objects of choice independently of their particular preferences. The first ...
    • Essays on Microeconomic Theory 

      Romm, Assaf (2015-05-07)
      This thesis contains three chapters related to the microeconomic interactions in markets. The first paper deals with markets with many participants, and in which monetary transfers are allowed, and studies core convergence. ...
    • The Evolution of the Labor Market for Medical Interns and Residents: A Case Study in Game Theory 

      Roth, Alvin E. (University of Chicago Press, 1984)
      The organization of the labor market for medical interns and residents underwent a number of changes before taking its present form in 1951. The record of these changes and the problems that prompted them provides an unusual ...
    • An Experimental Analysis of Ending Rules in Internet Auctions 

      Ariely, Dan; Ockenfels, Axel; Roth, Alvin (Rand Journal of Economics, 2005)
      A great deal of late bidding has been observed on internet auctions such as eBay, which employ a second price auction with a fixed deadline. Much less late bidding has been observed on internet auctions such as those run ...
    • Finding long chains in kidney exchange using the traveling salesman problem 

      Anderson, Ross; Ashlagi, Itai; Gamarnik, David; Roth, Alvin E. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2015)
      There are currently more than 100,000 patients on the waiting list in the United States for a kidney transplant from a deceased donor. To address this shortage, kidney exchange programs allow patients with living incompatible ...
    • Free riding and participation in large scale, multi-hospital kidney exchange 

      Ashlagi, Itai; Roth, Alvin E. (The Econometric Society, 2014)
      As multi-hospital kidney exchange has grown, the set of players has grown from patients and surgeons to include hospitals. Hospitals can choose to enroll only their hard-to-match patient–donor pairs, while conducting easily ...
    • The Gastroenterology Fellowship Market: Should There Be A Match? 

      Niederle, Muriel; Roth, Alvin (American Economic Association, 2005)
    • Getting More Organs for Transplantation 

      Kessler, Judd B.; Roth, Alvin E. (American Economic Association, 2014)
      Organs for transplantation are a scarce resource. Paying to increase the supply of organs is illegal in much of the world. We review efforts to increase transplantation by increasing the supply of available organs from ...
    • If You are Offered the Right of First Refusal, Should You Accept? An Investigation of Contract Design 

      Grosskopf, Brit; Roth, Alvin E. (Elsevier, 2009)
      Rights of first refusal are contract clauses intended to provide the holder of a license or lease with some protection when the contract ends. The simplest version gives the right holder the ability to act after potential ...