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    • Rho-kinase Regulates Energy Balance by Targeting Hypothalamic Leptin Receptor Signaling 

      Huang, Hu; Kong, Dong; Byun, Kyung Hee; Ye, Chianping; Koda, Shuichi; Lee, Dae Ho; Oh, Byung-Chul; Lee, Sam Whan; Lee, Bonghee; Zabolotny, Janice M.; Kim, Min Seon; Bjørbæk, Christian; Lowell, Bradford Barr; Kim, Young-Bum (2012)
      Leptin regulates energy balance. However, knowledge of the critical intracellular transducers of leptin signaling remains incomplete. Here we report that Rho-kinase 1 (ROCK1) regulates leptin action on body weight homeostasis ...