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    • Criminal Law Comes Home 

      Suk, Jeannie Chi Young (Yale Law School, 2006)
      Though traditionally criminal law did not reach into the home to punish domestic violence, today such intervention in the home is well accepted and steadily growing. Because we all welcome that remedial development, we ...
    • Design Copyright: The Latest Judicial Hint 

      Hemphill, C. Scott; Suk, Jeannie Chi Young (eSapience, 2013)
      Earlier this year, in an important copyright ruling, the Supreme Court dropped a puzzling clue about copyright for designs that merits examination. In an opinion authored by Justice Breyer, the Court's foremost copyright ...
    • Fairness For All Students Under Title IX 

      Bartholet, Elizabeth; Gertner, Nancy; Halley, Janet E.; Gersen, Jeannie Suk (2017)
      Four feminist law professors at Harvard Law School have called on the U.S. Department of Education to revise the previous Administration’s policies on sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus. In a memo submitted to ...
    • Is Privacy a Woman? 

      Suk, Jeannie Chi Young (Georgetown Law Journal Association, 2009)
      This essay is about the representation of privacy. Focusing on several of the Supreme Court's Fourth Amendment cases regarding the police and the home, I explore judicial articulations of the meaning of private space. ...
    • The Law, Culture, and Economics of Fashion 

      Hemphill, C. Scott; Suk, Jeannie Chi Young (Stanford Law School, 2009)
      Fashion is one of the world's most important creative industries. As the most immediate visible marker of self-presentation, fashion creates vocabularies for self-expression that relate individuals to society. Despite being ...
    • Redistributing Rape 

      Suk, Jeannie Chi Young (American Bar Association, Section of Criminal Justice, 2011)
      This article examines the theory posited in the article Strategic Segregation in the Modern Prison regarding the problem of prison sexual violence and what can be done to correct it. The previous article describes the use ...
    • Remix and Cultural Production 

      Hemphill, C. Scott; Suk, Jeannie Chi Young (Stanford Law School, 2009)
    • Taking the Home 

      Suk, Jeannie Chi Young (University of California Press, 2013-08-01)
      This essay juxtaposes two Supreme Court cases, Kelo v. City of New London, and Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales. Both reflect on the meanings of home as simultaneously the source of security against the focal point of ...
    • The True Woman: Scenes From the Law of Self-Defense 

      Suk, Jeannie Chi Young (Harvard University, Harvard Law School, 2008)
      Self-defense is undergoing an epochal transformation. In the last few years, dozens of states have passed or proposed new Castle Doctrine legislation intended to expand the right to use deadly force in self-defense. These ...
    • What "Design Copyright"? 

      Hemphill, C. Scott; Suk, Jeannie Chi Young (Harvard Law Review Association, 2013)