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    • Nacre Tablet Thickness Records Formation Temperature in Modern and Fossil Shells 

      Gilbert, Pupa; Bergmann, Kristin; Myers, Corinne E.; Marcus, Matthew; DeVol, Ross; Sun, Chang-Yu; Blonsky, Adam; Tamre, Erik; Zhao, Jessica; Karan, Elizabeth; Tamura, Nobumichi; Lemer, Sarah; Giuffre, Anthony; Giribet, Gonzalo; Eiler, John; Knoll, Andrew (Elsevier BV, 2017-02-15)
      Nacre, the iridescent outer lining of pearls and inner lining of many mollusk shells, is composed of periodic, parallel, organic sheets alternating with aragonite (CaCO3) tablet layers. Nacre tablet thickness (TT) generates ...