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    • Flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 as a potential player in diabetes-associated atherosclerosis 

      Miao, Ji; Ling, Alisha V.; Manthena, Praveen V.; Gearing, Mary E.; Graham, Mark J.; Crooke, Rosanne M.; Croce, Kevin J.; Esquejo, Ryan M.; Clish, Clary B.; Torrecilla, Esther; Vázquez, Gumersindo Fernández; Rubio, Miguel A.; Cabrerizo, Lucio; Barabash, Ana; Pernaute, Andrés Sánchez; Torres, Antonio J.; Vicent, David; Biddinger, Sudha B. (Nature Pub. Group, 2015)
      Despite the well-documented association between insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease, the key targets of insulin relevant to the development of cardiovascular disease are not known. Here, using non-biased profiling ...