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    • A DNA-based molecular probe for optically reporting cellular traction forces 

      Blakely, Brandon L.; Dumelin, Christoph E.; Trappmann, Britta; McGregor, Lynn M.; Choi, Colin K.; Anthony, Peter C.; Duesterberg, Van K.; Baker, Brendon M.; Block, Steven M.; Liu, David R.; Chen, Christopher S. (2014)
      We developed molecular tension probes (TPs) that report traction forces of adherent cells with high spatial resolution, can be linked to virtually any surface, and obviate monitoring deformations of elastic substrates. TPs ...
    • Micropatterned Multicolor Dynamically Adhesive Substrates to Control Cell Adhesion and Multicellular Organization 

      Rodriguez, Natalia M.; Desai, Ravi A.; Trappmann, Britta; Baker, Brendon M.; Chen, Christopher S. (American Chemical Society, 2014)
      We present a novel technique to examine cell–cell interactions and directed cell migration using micropatterned substrates of three distinct regions: an adhesive region, a nonadhesive region, and a dynamically adhesive ...