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    • Henry A. Kissinger as Negotiator: Background and Key Accomplishments 

      Sebenius, James Kimble; Green, Laurence Alexander (2014-12-08)
      Following a brief summary of Henry A. Kissinger’s career, this paper describes three of his most pivotal negotiations: the historic establishment of U.S. diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China, the easing ...
    • Henry Kissinger: Negotiating Black Majority Rule in Southern Africa 

      Sebenius, James Kimble; Burns, R. Nicholas; Mnookin, Robert H.; Green, Laurence Alexander (2017-01-20)
      In 1976, United States Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger conducted a series of intricate, multiparty negotiations in Southern Africa to persuade white Rhodesian leader Ian Smith to accede to black majority rule. Conducted ...
    • Tommy Koh and the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement: A Multi-Front "Negotiation Campaign" 

      Green, Laurence Alexander; Sebenius, James Kimble (2015-01-09)
      Complex, multiparty negotiations are often analyzed as principals negotiating through agents, as two-level games (Putnam 1988), or in coalitional terms. The relatively new concept of a "multi-front negotiation campaign" ...