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    • Fourier optics for wavefront engineering and wavelength control of lasers 

      Blanchard, Romain (2014-02-25)
      Since their initial demonstration in 1994, quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) have become prominent sources of mid-infrared radiation. Over the years, a large scientific and engineering effort has led to a dramatic improvement ...
    • Generation of Two-Dimensional Plasmonic Bottle Beams 

      Genevet, Patrice; Dellinger, Jean; Blanchard, Romain; She, Alan Jenting; Petit, Marlene; Cluzel, Benoit; Kats, Mikhail A; de Fornel, Frederique; Capasso, Federico (Optical Society of America, 2013)
      By analogy to the three dimensional optical bottle beam, we introduce the plasmonic bottle beam: a two dimensional surface wave which features a lattice of plasmonic bottles, i.e. alternating regions of bright focii ...
    • Large Enhancement of Nonlinear Optical Phenomena by Plasmonic Nanocavity Gratings 

      Genevet, Patrice; Tetienne, Jean-Philippe; Gatzogiannis, Evangelos; Blanchard, Romain; Kats, Mikhail A; Scully, Marlan O.; Capasso, Federico (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2010)
      Enhancing nonlinear processes at the nanoscale is a crucial step toward the development of nanophotonics and new spectroscopy techniques. Here we demonstrate a novel plasmonic structure, called plasmonic nanocavity grating, ...