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    • Accessible Mutational Trajectories for the Evolution of Pyrimethamine Resistance in the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium Vivax 

      Jiang, Pan-Pan Xueke; Corbett-Detig, Russell B.; Hartl, Daniel L.; Lozovsky, Elena (Springer Science + Business Media, 2013)
      Antifolate antimalarials, such as pyrimethamine, have experienced a dramatic reduction in therapeutic efficacy as resistance has evolved in multiple malaria species. We present evidence from one such species, Plasmodium ...
    • Clinical Illness and Outcomes in Patients with Ebola in Sierra Leone 

      Schieffelin, John S.; Shaffer, Jeffrey G.; Goba, Augustine; Gbakie, Michael; Gire, Stephen; Colubri, Andres; SEALFON, RACHEL; Kanneh, Lansana; Moigboi, Alex; Momoh, Mambu; Fullah, Mohammed; Moses, Lina M.; Brown, Bethany L.; Andersen, Kristian G; Winnicki, Sarah M.; Schaffner, Stephen; Park, Daniel John; Yozwiak, Nathan; Jiang, Pan-Pan Xueke; Kargbo, David; Jalloh, Simbirie; Fonnie, Mbalu; Sinnah, Vandi; French, Issa; Kovoma, Alice; Kamara, Fatima K.; Tucker, Veronica; Konuwa, Edwin; Sellu, Josephine; Mustapha, Ibrahim; Foday, Momoh; Yillah, Mohamed; Kanneh, Franklyn; Saffa, Sidiki; Massally, James L.B.; Boisen, Matt L.; Branco, Luis M.; Vandi, Mohamed A.; Grant, Donald S.; Happi, Christian Tientcha; Gevao, Sahr M.; Fletcher, Thomas E.; Fowler, Robert A.; Bausch, Daniel G.; Sabeti, Pardis Christine; Khan, S. Humarr; Garry, Robert F. (New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM/MMS), 2014)
      Background;Limited clinical and laboratory data are available on patients with Ebola virus disease (EVD). The Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which had an existing infrastructure for research regarding viral ...
    • Y Not a Dead End: Epistatic Interactions Between Y-Linked Regulatory Polymorphisms and Genetic Background Affect Global Gene Expression in Drosophila melanogaster 

      Jiang, Pan-Pan Xueke; Hartl, Daniel L.; Silva, Bernardo Lemos (Genetics Society of America, 2010)
      The Y chromosome, inherited without meiotic recombination from father to son, carries relatively few genes in most species. This is consistent with predictions from evolutionary theory that nonrecombining chromosomes lack ...