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    • The First Phylogenetic Analysis of Palpigradi (Arachnida)—The Most Enigmatic Arthropod Order 

      Giribet, Gonzalo; McIntyre, Erin Elizabeth; Christian, Erhard; Espinasa, Luis; Ferreira, Rodrigo L.; Francke, Óscar F.; Harvey, Mark S.; Isaia, Marco; Kováč, Ĺubomír; McCutchen, Lynn; Souza, Maysa F. V. R.; Zagmajster, Maja (CSIRO Publishing, 2014)
      Palpigradi are a poorly understood group of delicate arachnids, often found in caves or other subterranean habitats. Concomitantly, they have been neglected from a phylogenetic point of view. Here we present the first ...