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    • Gene Expression Signature of Normal Cell-of-Origin Predicts Ovarian Tumor Outcomes 

      Merritt, Melissa A.; Bentink, Stefan; Schwede, Matthew; Iwanicki, Marcin P.; Quackenbush, John; Woo, Terri; Agoston, Elin S.; Reinhardt, Ferenc; Crum, Christopher P.; Berkowitz, Ross S.; Mok, Samuel C.; Witt, Abigail E.; Jones, Michelle A.; Wang, Bin; Ince, Tan A. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      The potential role of the cell-of-origin in determining the tumor phenotype has been raised, but not adequately examined. We hypothesized that distinct cells-of-origin may play a role in determining ovarian tumor phenotype ...
    • Starved epithelial cells uptake extracellular matrix for survival 

      Muranen, Taru; Iwanicki, Marcin P.; Curry, Natasha L.; Hwang, Julie; DuBois, Cory D.; Coloff, Jonathan L.; Hitchcock, Daniel S.; Clish, Clary B.; Brugge, Joan S.; Kalaany, Nada Y. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
      Extracellular matrix adhesion is required for normal epithelial cell survival, nutrient uptake and metabolism. This requirement can be overcome by oncogene activation. Interestingly, inhibition of PI3K/mTOR leads to apoptosis ...
    • Transcriptional Regulation of Metastatic [Id]entity by KLF17 

      Iwanicki, Marcin; Brugge, Joan S. (BioMed Central, 2009)
      A novel in vivo screening approach has identified KLF17 as a key metastasis suppressor gene that acts through regulation of Id1 transcription factor-dependent induction of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition.