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    • Competition and Cooperation Between Multiple Reinforcement Learning Systems 

      Kool, Wouter; Cushman, Fiery; Gershman, Samuel (Elsevier, 2018)
      Most psychological research on reinforcement learning has depicted two systems locked in battle for control of behavior: a flexible but computationally expensive “model-based” system and an inflexible but cheap “model-free” ...
    • Cost-Benefit Arbitration Between Multiple Reinforcement-Learning Systems 

      Kool, Wouter; Gershman, Samuel; Cushman, Fiery (SAGE Publications, 2017-07-21)
      Human behavior is sometimes determined by habit and other times by goal-directed planning. Modern reinforcement-learning theories formalize this distinction as a competition between a computationally cheap but inaccurate ...
    • When Does Model-Based Control Pay Off? 

      Kool, Wouter; Cushman, Fiery A.; Gershman, Samuel J. (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Many accounts of decision making and reinforcement learning posit the existence of two distinct systems that control choice: a fast, automatic system and a slow, deliberative system. Recent research formalizes this distinction ...