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    • Specialists and Generalists: The Sexual Ecology of the Genome 

      Haig, David Addison; Ubeda, F.; Patten, M. M. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2014)
      Sexual antagonism occurs when an allele is beneficial in one sex but costly in the other. Parental antagonism occurs when an allele is beneficial when inherited from one sex but costly when inherited from the other because ...
    • Stable linkage disequilibrium owing to sexual antagonism 

      Ubeda, F.; Haig, David Addison; Patten, Manus Michael (The Royal Society, 2010)
      Linkage disequilibrium (LD) is an association between genetic loci that is typically transient. Here, we identify a previously overlooked cause of stable LD that may be pervasive: sexual antagonism. This form of selection ...