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    • Optimization of scarless human stem cell genome editing 

      Yang, Luhan; Guell, Marc; Byrne, Susan; Yang, Joyce L.; De Los Angeles, Alejandro; Mali, Prashant; Aach, John; Kim-Kiselak, Caroline; Briggs, Adrian W; Rios, Xavier; Huang, Po-Yi; Daley, George; Church, George (Oxford University Press, 2013)
      Efficient strategies for precise genome editing in human-induced pluripotent cells (hiPSCs) will enable sophisticated genome engineering for research and clinical purposes. The development of programmable sequence-specific ...
    • Study on Bacterial Protein Synthesis System toward the Incorporation of D-Amino Acid & Synthesis of 2'-deoxy-3'-mercapto-tRNA 

      Huang, Po-Yi (2014-06-06)
      Life is anti-entropic and highly organized phenomenon with two characteristics reinforcing each other: homochirality and the stereospecific catalysis of chemical reactions. The exclusive presence of L-amino acids and ...