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    • Afterword: Rethinking Western Printing With Chinese Comparisons 

      Blair, Ann M. (Brill, 2011)
      Historians of the book of all specialisms, but especially those pondering the impact of printing in Europe or elsewhere, stand much to gain from a volume like this one which tackles a big question --the impact of printing ...
    • Annotating and Indexing Natural Philosophy 

      Blair, Ann M. (Cambridge University Press, 2000)
      Reading, compiling and commenting on texts long constituted one of the central practices of natural philosophy, from antiquity down to at least the late 17th century. From Pliny to Ulisse Aldrovandi to Johann Jonston, from ...
    • Anthony Grafton: A Short Biography to 2015 

      Blair, Ann M.; Popper, Nicholas (2016)
    • Authorial Strategies in Jean Bodin 

      Blair, Ann M. (Brill, 2013)
    • Authorship in the Popular "Problemata Aristotelis" 

      Blair, Ann M. (Brill Academic Publishers, 1999)
      Why does red hair turn white sooner than other hair? Why does a man yawn when he sees another yawn? Why is it a good custom to eat cheese after dinner? Why is there such delight in the act of venery? Why do birds not piss? ...
    • Books and Their Readers in Seventeenth-Century Istanbul 

      Quinn, Meredith Moss (2016-05-17)
      This study contributes to the cultural and intellectual history of the early modern Middle East by analyzing how books were produced and circulated, and which audiences existed for various types of books in the Ottoman ...
    • Conrad Gessner's Paratexts 

      Blair, Ann M. (Schwabe, 2016)
      Throughout his prolific publishing career Conrad Gessner composed abundant paratexts which offer valuable insight into his methods of working. Gessner wrote many dedications, only a minority of which were addressed to major ...
    • Curieux, curieusement, curiosité 

      Blair, Ann M. (Presses Universitaires du Midi - Toulouse, 2003)
    • Disciplinary Distinctions before the "Two Cultures" 

      Blair, Ann (Routledge Journals, Taylor and Francis, LTD, 2008)
      C. P. Snow's conception of "two cultures" has been readily applied to modern European and especially Anglo-American contexts and used to bemoan the negative impact of disciplinary distinctions. But in the pre-modern period, ...
    • An Early Modernist’s Perspective 

      Blair, Ann M. (University of Chicago Press, 2004)
      Historians of science can gain new insights into the material practices and intellectual trajectories of natural philosophers by attending to evidence of what they read and how. From the time of the early modern period we ...
    • A Europeanist's Perspective 

      Blair, Ann M. (Brill, 2006)
      Encyclopedia" is a term coined in Latin and shortly thereafter in various European vernaculars by humanist writers ca. 1470-1530, on the model of what they thought was a Greek term, Enkuklopaideia, for "circle of learning." ...
    • Foreign language originals and full quotations cited in Too Much To Know: Managing Scholarly Information Before the Modern Age. 

      Blair, Ann M. (2010)
      Footnote numbers and bibliographical references are keyed to the book Too Much To Know: Managing Scholarly Information Before the Modern Age. Spelling, punctuation and italics are original. In case of discrepancy, the ...
    • The Global Lettered City: Humanism and Empire in Colonial Latin America and the Early Modern World 

      McManus, Stuart Michael (2016-05-10)
      Historians have long recognized the symbiotic relationship between learned culture, urban life and Iberian expansion in the creation of “Latin” America out of the ruins of pre-Columbian polities, a process described most ...
    • Humanist Methods in Natural Philosophy: The Commonplace Book 

      Blair, Ann M. (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1992)
    • Introduction 

      Blair, Ann M. (2010)
      Like the special issue of 2007 (Archival Science 7:4, “Toward a Cultural History of Archives”), “In and Out of the Archives” showcases recent work by historians on the formation, organization and use of archives. The papers ...
    • Introduction 

      Blair, Ann M.; Milligan, Jennifer (Springer Nature, 2007)
      Archives -- collections of paper, books, and other substrates of information (some might say “memory”) and the institutions that house and manage these objects -- are subjects of a renewed and vital current critical ...
    • Introduction to Res Gestae, libri manent 

      Blair, Ann M. (Harvard University Library, 2004)
    • Mediating Information 1450-1800 

      Blair, Ann M.; Stallybrass, Peter (University of Chicago Press, 2010)
      This chapter argues that the Enlightenment involved not so much a radical break with, but an inheritance of, established technologies for storing, organizing, and retrieving information. In the long history of information ...
    • Mediating Information, 1450–1800 

      Blair, Ann M.; Stallybrass, Peter (2010)