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    • Evoked itch perception is associated with changes in functional brain connectivity 

      Desbordes, Gaëlle; Li, Ang; Loggia, Marco L.; Kim, Jieun; Schalock, Peter C.; Lerner, Ethan; Tran, Thanh N.; Ring, Johannes; Rosen, Bruce R.; Kaptchuk, Ted J.; Pfab, Florian; Napadow, Vitaly (Elsevier, 2014)
      Chronic itch, a highly debilitating condition, has received relatively little attention in the neuroimaging literature. Recent studies suggest that brain regions supporting itch in chronic itch patients encompass sensorimotor ...
    • The imagined itch: brain circuitry supporting nocebo-induced itch in atopic dermatitis patients 

      Napadow, Vitaly J.; Li, Ang; Loggia, Marco Luciano; Kim, Jieun; Mawla, Ishtiaq; Desbordes, Gaelle; Schalock, P. C.; Lerner, Ethan Arthur; Tran, Thanh-Nga Trinh; Ring, Johannes; Rosen, Bruce; Kaptchuk, Ted Jack; Pfab, Florian (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015)
      Background Psychological factors are known to significantly modulate itch in patients suffering from chronic itch. Itch is also highly susceptible to both placebo and nocebo (negative placebo) effects. Brain activity ...