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    • Imaging Electron Motion in a Few Layer MoS2 Device 

      Bhandari, Sagar; Wang, Ke; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Kim, Philip; Westervelt, Robert M. (IOP Publishing, 2017)
      Ultrathin sheets of MoS2 are a newly discovered 2D semiconductor that holds great promise for nanoelectronics. Understanding the pattern of current flow will be crucial for developing devices. In this talk, we present ...
    • Observation of the Dirac fluid and the breakdown of the Wiedemann-Franz law in graphene 

      Crossno, Jesse Dylan; Shi, Jing; Wang, Ke; Liu, Xiaomeng; Harzheim, Achim; Lucas, Andrew James; Sachdev, Subir; Kim, Philip; Taniguchi, T.; Watanabe, K.; Ohki, T. A.; Fong, K. C. (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2016)
      Interactions between particles in quantum many-body systems can lead to collective behavior described by hydrodynamics. One such system is the electron-hole plasma in graphene near the charge neutrality point which can ...