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    • Broadly permissive intestinal chromatin underlies lateral inhibition and cell plasticity 

      Kim, Tae-Hee; Li, Fugen; Ferreiro-Neira, Isabel; Ho, Li-Lun; Luyten, Annouck; Nalapareddy, Kodandaramireddy; Long, Henry; Verzi, Michael; Shivdasani, Ramesh A. (2014)
      Cells differentiate when transcription factors (TFs) bind accessible cis-regulatory elements to establish specific gene expression programs. In differentiating embryonic stem (ES) cells, chromatin at lineage-restricted ...
    • Clinical Profiling of BCL-2 Family Members in the Setting of BRAF Inhibition Offers a Rationale for Targeting De Novo Resistance Using BH3 Mimetics 

      Frederick, Dennie T.; Salas Fragomeni, Roberto A.; Schalck, Aislyn; Ferreiro-Neira, Isabel; Hoff, Taylor; Cooper, Zachary A.; Haq, Rizwan; Panka, David J.; Kwong, Lawrence N.; Davies, Michael A.; Cusack, James C.; Flaherty, Keith T.; Fisher, David E.; Mier, James W.; Wargo, Jennifer A.; Sullivan, Ryan J. (Public Library of Science, 2014)
      While response rates to BRAF inhibitiors (BRAFi) are high, disease progression emerges quickly. One strategy to delay the onset of resistance is to target anti-apoptotic proteins such as BCL-2, known to be associated with ...