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    • Advanced atomic layer deposition and epitaxy processes 

      Gordon, Roy Gerald; Lou, Xiabing; Kim, Sang Bok (2015)
      Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) was used to grow single-crystalline epitaxial layers of high-k dielectric oxides on semiconductors with remarkably few defects or traps at the interfaces. La2O3 on GaAs(111) produced record-breaking ...
    • ALD of Manganese Silicate 

      Gordon, Roy Gerald; Sun, Lu; Chen, Qiang; Park, Jin-Seong; Kim, Sang Bok (2015)
    • Alkaline quinone flow battery 

      Lin, Kaixiang; Chen, Qing; Gerhardt, Michael; Tong, Liuchuan; Kim, Sang Bok; Eisenach, Louise Ann; Valle, Alvaro West; Hardee, D.; Gordon, Roy Gerald; Aziz, Michael J.; Marshak, M (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2015)
      Storage of photovoltaic and wind electricity in batteries could solve the mismatch problem between the intermittent supply of these renewable resources and variable demand. Flow batteries permit more economical long-duration ...
    • Atomic Layer Deposited Zinc Tin Oxide Channel for Amorphous Oxide Thin Film Transistors 

      Heo, Jaeyeong; Kim, Sang Bok; Gordon, Roy Gerald (American Institute of Physics, 2012)
      Bottom-gate thin film transistors with amorphous zinc tin oxide channels were grown by atomic layer deposition (ALD). The films maintained their amorphous character up to temperatures over 500 \(^{\circ}\)C. The highest ...
    • Atomic layer depositied Indium oxy-sulfide on CZT(S,Se) absorbers 

      Jayaraman, Ashwin N Kr; Kim, Sang Bok; Gordon, Roy Gerald (2015)
    • Atomic Layer Deposition of Tin Oxide with Nitric Oxide as an Oxidant Gas 

      Heo, Jaeyeong; Kim, Sang Bok; Gordon, Roy Gerald (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2012)
      Atomic layer deposition (ALD) of tin oxide \((SnO_2)\) thin films was achieved using a cyclic amide of Sn(II) (1,3-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4,5-dimethyl-(4R,5R)-1,3,2-diazastannolidin-2-ylidene) as a tin precursor and nitric ...
    • Enhancing the Efficiency of SnS Solar Cells bia Band-Offset Engineering with a Zinc Oxysulfide Buffer Layer 

      Sinsermsuksakul, Prasert; Hartman, Katy; Kim, Sang Bok; Sun, Leizhi; Park, Helen Hejin; Chakraborty, Rupak; Buonassisi, Tonio; Gordon, Roy Gerald (American Institute of Physics, 2013)
      SnS is a promising earth-abundant material for photovoltaic applications. Heterojuction solar cells were made by vapor deposition of p-type tin(II) sulfide, SnS, and n-type zinc oxysulfide, Zn(O,S), using a device structure ...
    • Epitaxial Growth of MgxCa1–xO on GaN by Atomic Layer Deposition 

      Lou, Xiabing; Zhou, Hong; Kim, Sang Bok; Alghamdi, Sami; Gong, Xian; Feng, Jun; Wang, Xinwei; Ye, Peide D.; Gordon, Roy Gerald (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2016)
      We demonstrate for the first time that a singlecrystalline epitaxial MgxCa1−xO film can be deposited on gallium nitride (GaN) by atomic layer deposition (ALD). By adjusting the ratio between the amounts of Mg and Ca in the ...
    • Improved Cu 2 O-Based Solar Cells Using Atomic Layer Deposition to Control the Cu Oxidation State at the p-n Junction 

      Lee, Sang Woon; Lee, Yun Seog; Heo, Jaeyeong; Siah, Sin Cheng; Chua, Danny Ming Wei; Brandt, Riley E.; Kim, Sang Bok; Mailoa, Jonathan P.; Buonassisi, Tonio; Gordon, Roy Gerald (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014)