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    • Disruption of TNFα/TNFR1 function in resident skin cells impairs host immune response against cutaneous vaccinia virus infection 

      Tian, Tian; Dubin, Krista; Jin, Qiushuang; Qureshi, Ali; King, Sandra L.; Liu, Luzheng; Jiang, Xiaodong; Murphy, George F.; Kupper, Thomas S.; Fuhlbrigge, Robert C. (2012)
      One strategy adopted by vaccinia virus (VV) to evade the host immune system is to encode homologs of TNF receptors (TNFR) that block TNFα function. The response to VV skin infection under conditions of TNFα deficiency, ...
    • TGF-β Suppresses β-Catenin-Dependent Tolerogenic Activation Program in Dendritic Cells 

      Vander Lugt, Bryan; Beck, Zachary T.; Fuhlbrigge, Robert Conrad; Hacohen, Nir; Campbell, James J.; Boes, Marianne (Public Library of Science, 2011)
      The mechanisms that underlie the critical dendritic cell (DC) function in maintainance of peripheral immune tolerance are incompletely understood, although the β-catenin signaling pathway is critical for this role. The ...
    • Urine proteomics for discovery of improved diagnostic markers of Kawasaki disease 

      Kentsis, Alex; Shulman, Andrew Ira; Ahmed, Saima; Brennan, Eileen; Monuteaux, Michael C; Lee, Young-Ho; Lipsett, Susan Catherine; Paulo, Joao A; Dedeoglu, Fatma; Fuhlbrigge, Robert Conrad; Bachur, Richard Gary; Bradwin, Gary; Arditi, Moshe; Sundel, Robert Picard; Newburger, Jane Wimpfheimer; Steen, Hanno; Kim, Susan (WILEY-VCH Verlag, 2013)
      Kawasaki disease (KD) is a systemic vasculitis of unknown etiology. Absence of definitive diagnostic markers limits the accuracy of clinical evaluations of suspected KD with significant increases in morbidity. In turn, ...