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    • All-Optical Initialization, Readout, and Coherent Preparation of Single Silicon-Vacancy Spins in Diamond 

      Rogers, Lachlan J.; Jahnke, Kay D.; Metsch, Mathias H.; Sipahigil, Alp; Binder, Jan M.; Teraji, Tokuyuki; Sumiya, Hitoshi; Isoya, Junichi; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Hemmer, Philip; Jelezko, Fedor (American Physical Society (APS), 2014)
      The silicon-vacancy (SiV−) color center in diamond has attracted attention because of its unique optical properties. It exhibits spectral stability and indistinguishability that facilitate efficient generation of photons ...
    • Magnetic Field Imaging with Nitrogen-Vacancy Ensembles 

      Pham, Linh My; Le Sage, David Anthony; Stanwix, Paul L.; Yeung, Tsun Kwan; Glenn, David R.; Trifonov, Alexei; Cappellaro, Paola; Hemmer, Philip; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Park, Hongkun; Yacoby, Amir; Walsworth, Ronald L. (Institute of Physics, 2011)
      We demonstrate a method of imaging spatially varying magnetic fields using a thin layer of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers at the surface of a diamond chip. Fluorescence emitted by the two-dimensional NV ensemble is detected ...
    • Quantum entanglement between an optical photon and a solid-state spin qubit 

      Togan, E; Chu, Y.; Trifonov, Alexei; Jiang, L.; Maze, J.; Childress, Lilian I.; Dutt, M; Sørensen, A. S.; Hemmer, Philip; Zibrov, Alexander S; Lukin, Mikhail D. (Nature Publishing Group, 2010)
      Quantum entanglement is among the most fascinating aspects of quantum theory1. Entangled optical photons are now widely used for fundamental tests of quantum mechanics2 and applications such as quantum cryptography1. Several ...