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    • Dihydroisoxazole inhibitors of Anopheles gambiae seminal transglutaminase AgTG3 

      Le, Binh V; Klöck, Cornelius; Schatz, Alexandra; Nguyen, Jennifer B; Kakani, Evdoxia G; Catteruccia, Flaminia; Khosla, Chaitan; Baxter, Richard HG (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background: Current vector-based malaria control strategies are threatened by the rise of biochemical and behavioural resistance in mosquitoes. Researching mosquito traits of immunity and fertility is required to find ...
    • Disrupting Mosquito Reproduction and Parasite Development for Malaria Control 

      Childs, Lauren M.; Cai, Francisco Y.; Kakani, Evdoxia G.; Mitchell, Sara N.; Paton, Doug; Gabrieli, Paolo; Buckee, Caroline O.; Catteruccia, Flaminia (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      The control of mosquito populations with insecticide treated bed nets and indoor residual sprays remains the cornerstone of malaria reduction and elimination programs. In light of widespread insecticide resistance in ...