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    • 20-HETE Mediates Ozone-Induced, Neutrophil-Independent Airway Hyper-Responsiveness in Mice 

      Cooper, Philip R.; Mesaros, A. Clementina; Zhang, Jie; Christmas, Peter; Stark, Christopher M.; Douaidy, Karim; Mittelman, Michael A.; Soberman, Roy Jason; Blair, Ian A.; Panettieri, Reynold A. (Public Library of Science, 2010)
      Background Ozone, a pollutant known to induce airway hyper-responsiveness (AHR), increases morbidity and mortality in patients with obstructive airway diseases and asthma. We postulate oxidized lipids mediate in vivo ...
    • CD200R1 Supports HSV-1 Viral Replication and Licenses Pro-Inflammatory Signaling Functions of TLR2 

      Soberman, Roy Jason; MacKay, Christopher R.; Vaine, Christine Adele; Ryan, Glennice Bowen; Cerny, Anna M.; Thompson, Mikayla R.; Nikolic, Boris; Primo, Valeria; Christmas, Peter; Sheiffele, Paul; Aronov, Lisa; Knipe, David Mahan; Kurt-Jones, Evelyn A. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      The CD200R1:CD200 axis is traditionally considered to limit tissue inflammation by down-regulating pro-inflammatory signaling in myeloid cells bearing the receptor. We generated CD200R1−/− mice and employed them to explore ...