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    • 1.3 mm Wavelength VLBI of Sagittarius A*: Detection of Time-Variable Emission on Event Horizon Scales 

      Fish, Vincent L.; Doeleman, Sheperd Samuel; Beaudoin, Christopher; Blundell, Raymond; Bolin, David E.; Bower, Geoffrey C.; Chamberlin, Richard; Freund, Robert; Friberg, Per; Gurwell, Mark Andrew; Honma, Mareki; Inoue, Makoto; Krichbaum, Thomas P.; Lamb, James; Marrone, Daniel P.; Moran, James M.; Oyama, Tomoaki; Plambeck, Richard; Primiani, Rurik A.; Rogers, Alan E. E.; Smythe, Daniel L.; SooHoo, Jason; Strittmatter, Peter; Tilanus, Remo P. J.; Titus, Michael; Weintroub, Jonathan; Wright, Melvyn; Woody, David; Young, Ken Harbour; Ziurys, Lucy M. (IOP Publishing, 2011)
      Sagittarius A*, the ~4 × 106 M ☉ black hole candidate at the Galactic center, can be studied on Schwarzschild radius scales with (sub)millimeter wavelength very long baseline interferometry (VLBI). We report on 1.3 mm ...
    • Jet-Launching Structure Resolved Near the Supermassive Black Hole in M87 

      Doeleman, Sheperd Samuel; Fish, V. L.; Schenck, D. E.; Beaudoin, C.; Blundell, Raymond; Bower, G. C.; Broderick, Alithia Carol; Chamberlin, R.; Freund, R.; Friberg, P.; Gurwell, Mark Andrew; Ho, Po-Yi; Honma, M.; Inoue, M.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Lamb, J; Loeb, Abraham; Lonsdale, C.; Marrone, D. P.; Moran, James M.; Oyama, T.; Plambeck, R.; Primiani, Rurik A.; Rogers, A. E. E.; Smythe, D. L.; SooHoo, J.; Strittmatter, P.; Tilanus, R. P. J.; Titus, M.; Weintroub, Jonathan; Wright, Bennett Bennett; Young, K. H.; Ziurys, L. M. (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2012)
      Approximately 10% of active galactic nuclei exhibit relativistic jets, which are powered by accretion of matter onto super massive black holes. While the measured width profiles of such jets on large scales agree with ...