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    • Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction: Particulate Air Pollution Effects Are Modulated by Epigenetic Immunoregulation of Toll‐like Receptor 2 and Dietary Flavonoid Intake 

      Zhong, Jia; Colicino, Elena; Lin, Xinyi; Mehta, Amar; Kloog, Itai; Zanobetti, Antonella; Byun, Hyang‐Min; Bind, Marie‐Abèle; Cantone, Laura; Prada, Diddier; Tarantini, Letizia; Trevisi, Letizia; Sparrow, David; Vokonas, Pantel; Schwartz, Joel; Baccarelli, Andrea A. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2015)
      Background: Short‐term fine particles (PM2.5) exposure is associated with reduced heart rate variability, a strong predictor of cardiac mortality among older people. Identifying modifiable factors that confer susceptibility ...
    • A DNA methylation biomarker of alcohol consumption 

      Liu, C; Marioni, R E; Hedman, Å K; Pfeiffer, L; Tsai, P-C; Reynolds, L M; Just, A C; Duan, Q; Boer, C G; Tanaka, T; Elks, C E; Aslibekyan, S; Brody, J A; Kühnel, B; Herder, C; Almli, L M; Zhi, D; Wang, Y; Huan, T; Yao, C; Mendelson, M M; Joehanes, Roby; Liang, Liming; Love, S-A; Guan, W; Shah, S; McRae, A F; Kretschmer, A; Prokisch, H; Strauch, K; Peters, A; Visscher, P M; Wray, N R; Guo, X; Wiggins, K L; Smith, A K; Binder, E B; Ressler, Kerry J; Irvin, M R; Absher, D M; Hernandez, D; Ferrucci, L; Bandinelli, S; Lohman, K; Ding, J; Trevisi, Letizia; Gustafsson, S; Sandling, J H; Stolk, L; Uitterlinden, A G; Yet, I; Castillo-Fernandez, J E; Spector, T D; Schwartz, Joel David; Vokonas, P; Lind, L; Li, Y; Fornage, M; Arnett, D K; Wareham, N J; Sotoodehnia, N; Ong, K K; van Meurs, J B J; Conneely, K N; Baccarelli, A A; Deary, I J; Bell, J T; North, K E; Liu, Y; Waldenberger, M; London, S J; Ingelsson, E; Levy, D (Springer Nature, 2016)
    • Effects of Air Pollution and Blood Mitochondrial DNA Methylation on Markers of Heart Rate Variability 

      Byun, Hyang‐Min; Colicino, Elena; Trevisi, Letizia; Fan, Tianteng; Christiani, David C.; Baccarelli, Andrea A. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016)
      Background: The mitochondrion is the primary target of oxidative stress in response to exogenous environments. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is independent from nuclear DNA and uses separate epigenetic machinery to regulate ...
    • An epigenetic clock for gestational age at birth based on blood methylation data 

      Knight, Anna K.; Craig, Jeffrey M.; Theda, Christiane; Bækvad-Hansen, Marie; Bybjerg-Grauholm, Jonas; Hansen, Christine S.; Hollegaard, Mads V.; Hougaard, David M.; Mortensen, Preben B.; Weinsheimer, Shantel M.; Werge, Thomas M.; Brennan, Patricia A.; Cubells, Joseph F.; Newport, D. Jeffrey; Stowe, Zachary N.; Cheong, Jeanie L. Y.; Dalach, Philippa; Doyle, Lex W.; Loke, Yuk J.; Baccarelli, Andrea A.; Just, Allan C.; Wright, Robert O.; Téllez-Rojo, Mara M.; Svensson, Katherine; Trevisi, Letizia; Kennedy, Elizabeth M.; Binder, Elisabeth B.; Iurato, Stella; Czamara, Darina; Räikkönen, Katri; Lahti, Jari M. T.; Pesonen, Anu-Katriina; Kajantie, Eero; Villa, Pia M.; Laivuori, Hannele; Hämäläinen, Esa; Park, Hea Jin; Bailey, Lynn B.; Parets, Sasha E.; Kilaru, Varun; Menon, Ramkumar; Horvath, Steve; Bush, Nicole R.; LeWinn, Kaja Z.; Tylavsky, Frances A.; Conneely, Karen N.; Smith, Alicia K. (BioMed Central, 2016)
      Background: Gestational age is often used as a proxy for developmental maturity by clinicians and researchers alike. DNA methylation has previously been shown to be associated with age and has been used to accurately ...
    • Long-term ambient particle exposures and blood DNA methylation age: findings from the VA normative aging study 

      Nwanaji-Enwerem, Jamaji C.; Colicino, Elena; Trevisi, Letizia; Kloog, Itai; Just, Allan C.; Shen, Jincheng; Brennan, Kasey; Dereix, Alexandra; Hou, Lifang; Vokonas, Pantel; Schwartz, Joel; Baccarelli, Andrea A. (2016)
      Background: Ambient particles have been shown to exacerbate measures of biological aging; yet, no studies have examined their relationships with DNA methylation age (DNAm-age), an epigenome-wide DNA methylation based ...
    • Particulate Air Pollution and Fasting Blood Glucose in Nondiabetic Individuals: Associations and Epigenetic Mediation in the Normative Aging Study, 2000–2011 

      Peng, Cheng; Bind, Marie-Abele C.; Colicino, Elena; Kloog, Itai; Byun, Hyang-Min; Cantone, Laura; Trevisi, Letizia; Zhong, Jia; Brennan, Kasey; Dereix, Alexandra E.; Vokonas, Pantel S.; Coull, Brent A.; Schwartz, Joel D.; Baccarelli, Andrea A. (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 2016)
      Background: Among nondiabetic individuals, higher fasting blood glucose (FBG) independently predicts diabetes risk, cardiovascular disease, and dementia. Ambient PM2.5 (particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter ≤ 2.5 ...