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    • A Stepping Stone Approach to Norm Transitions 

      Gulesci, Selim; Jindani, Sam; La Ferrara, Eliana; Smerdon, David; Sulaiman, Munshi; Young, H. Peyton (Harvard Kennedy School, 2023-04)
      We propose a model to study when an intermediate action can serve as a stepping stone that enables the elimination of a harmful norm. While the intermediate action may facilitate the first “step”, it may also become a new ...
    • Violence Against Women: A Cross-cultural Analysis for Africa 

      Alesina, Alberto Francesco; Brioschi, Benedetta; La Ferrara, Eliana (2016)
      Using a new dataset, we investigate the determinants of violence against women in Africa. We focus on cultural factors arising from pre-colonial customs and find evidence consistent with two hypotheses. First, ancient ...