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    • Iwr1 Protein Is Important for Preinitiation Complex Formation by All Three Nuclear RNA Polymerases in \(Saccharomyces\) \(cerevisiae\) 

      Esberg, Anders; Moqtaderi, Zarmik; Fan, Xiaochun; Lu, Jian; Struhl, Kevin; Byström, Anders (Public Library of Science, 2011)
      Background: Iwr1, a protein conserved throughout eukaryotes, was originally identified by its physical interaction with RNA polymerase (Pol) II. Principal Findings: Here, we identify Iwr1 in a genetic screen designed to ...
    • SIRT7 Links H3K18 Deacetylation to Maintenance of Oncogenic Transformation 

      Barber, Matthew F.; Michishita-Kioi, Eriko; Xi, Yuanxin; Tasselli, Luisa; Kioi, Mitomu; Moqtaderi, Zarmik; Tennen, Ruth I.; Paredes, Silvana; Young, Nicolas L.; Chen, Kaifu; Struhl, Kevin; Garcia, Benjamin A.; Gozani, Or; Li, Wei; Chua, Katrin F. (2012)
      Sirtuin proteins regulate diverse cellular pathways that influence genomic stability, metabolism, and ageing. SIRT7 is a mammalian sirtuin whose biochemical activity, molecular targets, and physiologic functions have been ...