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    • Accuracy of epidemiological inferences based on publicly available information: retrospective comparative analysis of line lists of human cases infected with influenza A(H7N9) in China 

      Lau, Eric HY; Zheng, Jiandong; Tsang, Tim K; Liao, Qiaohong; Lewis, Bryan; Brownstein, John S; Sanders, Sharon; Wong, Jessica Y; Mekaru, Sumiko R; Rivers, Caitlin; Wu, Peng; Jiang, Hui; Li, Yu; Yu, Jianxing; Zhang, Qian; Chang, Zhaorui; Liu, Fengfeng; Peng, Zhibin; Leung, Gabriel M; Feng, Luzhao; Cowling, Benjamin J; Yu, Hongjie (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background: Appropriate public health responses to infectious disease threats should be based on best-available evidence, which requires timely reliable data for appropriate analysis. During the early stages of epidemics, ...
    • Air Travel and the Spread of Influenza: Authors' Reply 

      Brownstein, John Samuel; Mandl, Kenneth David; Wolfe, Cecily J (Public Library of Science, 2006)
    • Analysis of hospital traffic and search engine data in Wuhan China indicates early disease activity in the Fall of 2019 

      Nsoesie, Elaine Okanyene; Rader, Benjamin; Barnoon, Yiyao L.; Goodwin, Lauren; Brownstein, John
      The global COVID-19 pandemic was originally linked to a zoonotic spillover event in Wuhan’s Huanan Seafood Market in November or December of 2019. However, recent evidence suggests that the virus may have already been ...
    • Application of change point analysis to daily influenza-like illness emergency department visits 

      Kass-Hout, Taha A; Xu, Zhiheng; McMurray, Paul; Park, Soyoun; Buckeridge, David L; Brownstein, John S; Finelli, Lyn; Groseclose, Samuel L (BMJ Group, 2012)
      Background: The utility of healthcare utilization data from US emergency departments (EDs) for rapid monitoring of changes in influenza-like illness (ILI) activity was highlighted during the recent influenza A (H1N1) ...
    • Assessing the Online Social Environment for Surveillance of Obesity Prevalence 

      Chunara, Rumi; Bouton, Lindsay Legault; Ayers, John W.; Brownstein, John Samuel (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Background: Understanding the social environmental around obesity has been limited by available data. One promising approach used to bridge similar gaps elsewhere is to use passively generated digital data. Purpose This ...
    • Automated real time constant-specificity surveillance for disease outbreaks 

      Wieland, Shannon C; Brownstein, John Samuel; Berger, Bonnie; Mandl, Kenneth David (BioMed Central, 2007)
      Background: For real time surveillance, detection of abnormal disease patterns is based on a difference between patterns observed, and those predicted by models of historical data. The usefulness of outbreak detection ...
    • Automated Vocabulary Discovery for Geo-Parsing Online Epidemic Intelligence 

      Keller, Mikaela; Freifeld, Clark C; Brownstein, John Samuel (BioMed Central, 2009)
      Background Automated surveillance of the Internet provides a timely and sensitive method for alerting on global emerging infectious disease threats. HealthMap is part of a new generation of online systems designed to monitor ...
    • Big Data Opportunities for Global Infectious Disease Surveillance 

      Hay, Simon I.; George, Dylan B.; Moyes, Catherine L.; Brownstein, John Samuel (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      Simon Hay and colleagues discuss the potential and challenges of producing continually updated infectious disease risk maps using diverse and large volume data sources such as social media.
    • Breaking the News or Fueling the Epidemic? Temporal Association between News Media Report Volume and Opioid-Related Mortality 

      Dasgupta, Nabarun; Mandl, Kenneth David; Brownstein, John Samuel (Public Library of Science, 2009)
      Background: Historical studies of news media have suggested an association between reporting and increased drug abuse. Period effects for substance use have been documented for different classes of legal and illicit ...
    • Clinic accessibility and clinic-level predictors of the geographic variation in 2009 pandemic influenza vaccine coverage in Montreal, Canada 

      Charland, Katia M; de Montigny, Luc; Brownstein, John S; Buckeridge, David L (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2014)
      Background: Nineteen mass vaccination clinics were established in Montreal, Canada, as part of the 2009 influenza A/H1N1p vaccination campaign. Although approximately 50% of the population was vaccinated, there was a ...
    • Combining Search, Social Media, and Traditional Data Sources to Improve Influenza Surveillance 

      Santillana, Mauricio; Nguyen, André T.; Dredze, Mark; Paul, Michael J.; Nsoesie, Elaine O.; Brownstein, John S. (Public Library of Science, 2015)
      We present a machine learning-based methodology capable of providing real-time (“nowcast”) and forecast estimates of influenza activity in the US by leveraging data from multiple data sources including: Google searches, ...
    • Dengue on islands: a Bayesian approach to understanding the global ecology of dengue viruses 

      Feldstein, Leora R.; Brownstein, John S.; Brady, Oliver J.; Hay, Simon I.; Johansson, Michael A. (Oxford University Press, 2015)
      Background: Transmission of dengue viruses (DENV), the most common arboviral pathogens globally, is influenced by many climatic and socioeconomic factors. However, the relative contributions of these factors on a global ...
    • Development of a Vietnamese Language Outbreak Mapping and Surveillance System 

      Bui, David; Mekaru, Sumiko; Freifeld, Clark; Brownstein, John S. (University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2013)
      Objective: To present the development of a surveillance system utilizing online Vietnamese language media sources to detect disease events in Vietnam and the South East Asian Region. Introduction: In the South East Asia ...
    • Digital Drug Safety Surveillance: Monitoring Pharmaceutical Products in Twitter 

      Freifeld, Clark C.; Brownstein, John S.; Menone, Christopher M.; Bao, Wenjie; Filice, Ross; Kass-Hout, Taha; Dasgupta, Nabarun (Springer International Publishing, 2014)
      Background: Traditional adverse event (AE) reporting systems have been slow in adapting to online AE reporting from patients, relying instead on gatekeepers, such as clinicians and drug safety groups, to verify each potential ...
    • Digital Epidemiology 

      Salathé, Marcel; Bengtsson, Linus; Bodnar, Todd J.; Brewer, Devon D.; Brownstein, John Samuel; Buckee, Caroline; Campbell, Ellsworth M.; Cattuto, Ciro; Khandelwal, Shashank; Mabry, Patricia L.; Vespignani, Alessandro (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Mobile, social, real-time: the ongoing revolution in the way people communicate has given rise to a new kind of epidemiology. Digital data sources, when harnessed appropriately, can provide local and timely information ...
    • Digital Surveillance: A Novel Approach to Monitoring the Illegal Wildlife Trade 

      Sonricker Hansen, Amy L.; Li, Annie; Joly, Damien; Mekaru, Sumiko; Brownstein, John Samuel (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      A dearth of information obscures the true scale of the global illegal trade in wildlife. Herein, we introduce an automated web crawling surveillance system developed to monitor reports on illegally traded wildlife. A ...
    • Disease Surveillance on Complex Social Networks 

      Herrera, Jose L.; Srinivasan, Ravi; Brownstein, John S.; Galvani, Alison P.; Meyers, Lauren Ancel (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      As infectious disease surveillance systems expand to include digital, crowd-sourced, and social network data, public health agencies are gaining unprecedented access to high-resolution data and have an opportunity to ...
    • Empirical Evidence for the Effect of Airline Travel on Inter-Regional Influenza Spread in the United States 

      Wolfe, Cecily J; Galvani, Alison; Brownstein, John Samuel; Mandl, Kenneth David (Public Library of Science, 2006)
      Background: The influence of air travel on influenza spread has been the subject of numerous investigations using simulation, but very little empirical evidence has been provided. Understanding the role of airline travel ...
    • Enhancing disease surveillance with novel data streams: challenges and opportunities 

      Althouse, Benjamin M; Scarpino, Samuel V; Meyers, Lauren Ancel; Ayers, John W; Bargsten, Marisa; Baumbach, Joan; Brownstein, John S; Castro, Lauren; Clapham, Hannah; Cummings, Derek AT; Del Valle, Sara; Eubank, Stephen; Fairchild, Geoffrey; Finelli, Lyn; Generous, Nicholas; George, Dylan; Harper, David R; Hébert-Dufresne, Laurent; Johansson, Michael A; Konty, Kevin; Lipsitch, Marc; Milinovich, Gabriel; Miller, Joseph D; Nsoesie, Elaine O; Olson, Donald R; Paul, Michael; Polgreen, Philip M; Priedhorsky, Reid; Read, Jonathan M; Rodríguez-Barraquer, Isabel; Smith, Derek J; Stefansen, Christian; Swerdlow, David L; Thompson, Deborah; Vespignani, Alessandro; Wesolowski, Amy (2016)
      Novel data streams (NDS), such as web search data or social media updates, hold promise for enhancing the capabilities of public health surveillance. In this paper, we outline a conceptual framework for integrating NDS ...