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    • Differential Expression of Proteomics Models of Colorectal Cancer, Colorectal Benign Disease and Healthy Controls 

      Li, Chun-Feng; Chen, Hong-Sheng; Lin, Luo-Qiang; Zhang, Chun-Peng; Zhao, Jin-Lu; Zhang, Shu-Jun; Jin, Jun-Chao; Liu, Ming; Liu, Yan; Wang, Lei; Liu, Jia-Ren (BioMed Central, 2010)
      Background: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is often diagnosed at a late stage with concomitant poor prognosis. The hypersensitive analytical technique of proteomics can detect molecular changes before the tumor is palpable. The ...
    • Long-term Benefit of PD-L1 Blockade in Lung Cancer Associated with JAK3 Activation 

      Van Allen, Eliezer Mendel; Golay, H. G.; Liu, Yan; Koyama, S.; Wong, Kwok-Kin; Taylor-Weiner, Amaro; Giannakis, Marios; Harden, M.; Rojas-Rudilla, V.; Chevalier, A.; Thai, T.; Lydon, C.; Mach, S.; Wong, J. A.; Rabin, A. R.; Helmkamp, J.; Sholl, Lynette Marie; Carter, Scott Lambert; Oxnard, Geoffrey Raymond; Janne, Pasi Antero; Getz, Gad A; Lindeman, Neal I.; Hammerman, Peter Seth; Garraway, Levi Alexander; Hodi, Frank Stephen; Rodig, Scott J.; Dranoff, G; Wong, Kwok-Kin; Barbie, David Allen (American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), 2015)
      PD-1 immune checkpoint blockade occasionally results in durable clinical responses in advanced metastatic cancers. However, mechanism-based predictors of response to this immunotherapy remain incompletely characterized. ...
    • Mechanical Stretch and PI3K Signaling Link Cell Migration and Proliferation to Coordinate Epithelial Tubule Morphogenesis in the Zebrafish Pronephros 

      Vasilyev, Aleksandr; Liu, Yan; Hellman, Nathan; Pathak, Narendra H.; Drummond, Iain A. (Public Library of Science, 2012)
      Organ development leads to the emergence of organ function, which in turn can impact developmental processes. Here we show that fluid flow-induced collective epithelial migration during kidney nephron morphogenesis induces ...