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    • Fast Interactive Simulations of Mitral Valve Repair 

      Tenenholtz, Neil Arturo; Hammer, Peter; Howe, Robert D. (2012)
    • Fast Surgical Simulation to Improve Mitral Valve Repair 

      Tenenholtz, Neil Arturo (2014-06-06)
      Mitral valve repair, the preferred method of treating mitral regurgitation, is a demanding surgical procedure consisting of the resection and approximation of valve tissue. Operating on an arrested heart, the clinician is ...
    • On the design of an interactive, patient-specific surgical simulator for mitral valve repair 

      Tenenholtz, Neil Arturo; Hammer, Peter; Schneider, Robert J.; Vasilyev, Nikolay; Howe, Robert D. (IEEE, 2011)
      Surgical repair of the mitral valve is a difficult procedure that is often avoided in favor of less effective valve replacement because of the associated technical challenges facing non-expert surgeons. In the interest of ...
    • Patient-Specific Mitral Leaflet Segmentation from 4D Ultrasound 

      Tenenholtz, Neil Arturo; Perrin, Douglas Paul; Marx, Gerald Ross; Del Nido, Pedro J.; Schneider, Robert J.; Howe, Robert D. (Springer, 2011)
      Segmenting the mitral valve during closure and throughout a cardiac cycle from four dimensional ultrasound (4DUS) is important for creation and validation of mechanical models and for improved visualization and understanding ...