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    • Human Genome-Wide RNAi Screen Identifies an Essential Role for Inositol Pyrophosphates in Type-I Interferon Response 

      Pulloor, Niyas Kudukkil; Nair, Sajith; Kostic, Aleksandar D.; Bist, Pradeep; Weaver, Jeremy D.; Riley, Andrew M.; Tyagi, Richa; Uchil, Pradeep D.; York, John D.; Snyder, Solomon H.; García-Sastre, Adolfo; Potter, Barry V. L.; Lin, Rongtuan; Shears, Stephen B.; Xavier, Ramnik J.; Krishnan, Manoj N. (Public Library of Science, 2014)
      The pattern recognition receptor RIG-I is critical for Type-I interferon production. However, the global regulation of RIG-I signaling is only partially understood. Using a human genome-wide RNAi-screen, we identified 226 ...