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    • Assessing Strength of Evidence of Appropriate Use Criteria for Diagnostic Imaging Examinations 

      Lacson, Ronilda C.; Raja, Ali Shahbaz; Ip, Ivan; Schneider, Louise Isabel; Bain, Paul A.; Mita, Carol Ann; Whelan, Julia; Silveira, Patricia; Dement, David; Khorasani, Ramin; Osterbur, David Lee (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2016)
      Objective For health information technology tools to fully inform evidence-based decisions, recommendations must be reliably assessed for quality and strength of evidence. We aimed to create an annotation framework for ...
    • An Electronic Health Record–Based Intervention to Improve Tobacco Treatment in Primary Care 

      Linder, Jeffrey Arthur; Rigotti, Nancy Ann; Schneider, Louise Isabel; Kelley, Jennifer H. K.; Brawarsky, Phyllis; Haas, Jennifer S. (American Medical Association (AMA), 2009)
      Background: To improve the documentation and treatment of tobacco use in primary care, we developed and implemented a 3-part electronic health record enhancement: (1) smoking status icons, (2) tobacco treatment reminders, ...
    • Improving Completeness of Electronic Problem Lists through Clinical Decision Support: A Randomized, Controlled Trial 

      Wright, Adam; Pang, Justine; Feblowitz, Joshua Colin; Maloney, Francine L.; Wilcox, Allison R.; McLoughlin, Karen Sax; Ramelson, Harley Z.; Schneider, Louise Isabel; Bates, David Westfall (BMJ Group, 2012)
      Background: Accurate clinical problem lists are critical for patient care, clinical decision support, population reporting, quality improvement, and research. However, problem lists are often incomplete or out of date. ...