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    • Development of the CRISPR nuclease Cas9 for high precision mammalian genome engineering 

      Hsu, Patrick David (2014-10-21)
      Recent advances in genome engineering technologies based on the CRISPR-associated RNA-guided endonuclease Cas9 are enabling the systematic interrogation of genome function. Analogous to the search function in modern word ...
    • Optical Control of Mammalian Endogenous Transcription and Epigenetic States 

      Konermann, Silvana; Brigham, Mark D.; Trevino, Alexandro; Hsu, Patrick D.; Heidenreich, Matthias; Cong, Le; Platt, Randall J.; Scott, David A.; Church, George M.; Zhang, Feng (2013)
      The dynamic nature of gene expression enables cellular programming, homeostasis, and environmental adaptation in living systems. Dissection of causal gene functions in cellular and organismal processes therefore necessitates ...