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    • An improved predictive recognition model for Cys2-His2 zinc finger proteins 

      Gupta, Ankit; Christensen, Ryan G.; Bell, Heather A.; Goodwin, Mathew; Patel, Ronak Y.; Pandey, Manishi; Enuameh, Metewo Selase; Rayla, Amy L.; Zhu, Cong; Thibodeau-Beganny, Stacey; Brodsky, Michael H.; Joung, J. Keith; Wolfe, Scot A.; Stormo, Gary D. (Oxford University Press, 2014)
      Cys2-His2 zinc finger proteins (ZFPs) are the largest family of transcription factors in higher metazoans. They also represent the most diverse family with regards to the composition of their recognition sequences. Although ...