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    • Mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria 

      Kishore, Nishant; Marqués, Domingo; Mahmud, Ayesha S; Kiang, Mathew Vinhhoa; Rodriguez, Irmary; Fuller, Arlan F.; Ebner, Peggy; Sorensen, Cecilia; Racy, Fabio De Castro Jorge; Lemery, Jay; Maas, Leslie; Leaning, Jennifer; Irizarry, Rafael A.; Balsari, Satchit Siddharth; Buckee, Caroline O'Flaherty (New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM/MMS), 2018)
      BACKGROUND Quantifying the effect of natural disasters on society is critical for recovery of public health services and infrastructure. The death toll can be difficult to assess in the aftermath of a major disaster. In ...
    • Protecting the Children of Haiti 

      Balsari, Satchit Siddharth; Lemery, Jay; Williams, Timothy P.; Nelson, Brett Dee (New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM/MMS), 2010)
      Haiti has long had difficulty in protecting its children from harm. The earthquake that struck the country on January 12 destroyed much of the capital, Port-au-Prince, as it killed many government officials and United ...
    • Reimagining Health Data Exchange: An Application Programming Interface–Enabled Roadmap for India 

      Balsari, Satchit Siddharth; Fortenko, Alexander; Blaya, Joaquin Andres; Gropper, Adrian; Jayaram, Malavika; Matthan, Rahul; Sahasranam, Ram; Shankar, Mark Thomas; Sarbadhikari, Suptendra N; Bierer, Barbara Emily; Mandl, Kenneth David; Mehendale, Sanjay; Khanna, Tarun (JMIR Publications Inc., 2018)
      In February 2018, the Government of India announced a massive public health insurance scheme extending coverage to 500 million citizens, in effect making it the world’s largest insurance program. To meet this target, the ...