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    • A Fluoride-Derived Electrophilic Late-Stage Fluorination Reagent for PET Imaging 

      Lee, Eunsung; Kamlet, Adam Seth; Powers, David C.; Neumann, Constanze Nicole; Boursalian, Gregory Bagrad; Furuya, Takeru; Choi, Daniel C.; Hooker, Jacob M.; Ritter, Tobias (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2011)
      The unnatural isotope fluorine-18 \((^{18}F)\) is used as a positron emitter in molecular imaging. Currently, many potentially useful \(^{18}F\)-labeled probe molecules are inaccessible for imaging because no fluorination ...
    • Pd-Catalyzed Aryl C–H Imidation with Arene as the Limiting Reagent 

      Boursalian, Gregory Bagrad; Ngai, Ming-Yu; Hojczyk, Katarzyna Natalia; Ritter, Tobias (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2013)
      An amine-N-oxide-ligated palladium complex, in conjunction with a silver cocatalyst, catalyzes imidation of arenes by the reagent N-fluorobenzenesulfonimide. The reaction enables imidation of a variety of arenes at or below ...
    • Reactivity and Selectivity in Aryl C–H Functionalization by Electrophilic Radicals 

      Boursalian, Gregory Bagrad (2016-05-04)
      Two main challenges hinder the development of new, broadly useful C–H functionalization reactions: (1) most C–H bonds constitute part of the relatively inert backbone of an organic molecule, so it is difficult to elicit ...