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    • Monocytes, neutrophils, and platelets cooperate to initiate and propagate venous thrombosis in mice in vivo 

      von Brühl, Marie-Luise; Stark, Konstantin; Steinhart, Alexander; Chandraratne, Sue; Konrad, Ildiko; Lorenz, Michael; Khandoga, Alexander; Tirniceriu, Anca; Coletti, Raffaele; Köllnberger, Maria; Byrne, Robert A.; Laitinen, Iina; Walch, Axel; Brill, Alexander; Pfeiler, Susanne; Manukyan, Davit; Braun, Siegmund; Lange, Philipp; Riegger, Julia; Ware, Jerry; Eckart, Annekathrin; Haidari, Selgai; Rudelius, Martina; Schulz, Christian; Echtler, Katrin; Brinkmann, Volker; Schwaiger, Markus; Preissner, Klaus T.; Wagner, Denisa D.; Mackman, Nigel; Engelmann, Bernd; Massberg, Steffen (The Rockefeller University Press, 2012)
      Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a major cause of cardiovascular death. The sequence of events that promote DVT remains obscure, largely as a result of the lack of an appropriate rodent model. We describe a novel mouse model ...
    • Myeloid-Specific Deletion of Tumor Suppressor PTEN Augments Neutrophil Transendothelial Migration during Inflammation 

      Sarraj, Bara; Massberg, Steffen; Li, Yitang; Kasorn, Anongnard; Subramanian, Kulandayan; Loison, Fabien; Silberstein, Leslie E.; von Andrian, Ulrich H.; Luo, Hongbo (American Association of Immunologists, 2014-11-04)
      Phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate \((PIP_3)\) is a second messenger that is involved in a number of cell activities including cell growth, proliferation, and motility. \(PIP_3\) is produced by PI3K and regulated by ...
    • A novel role of sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor S1pr1 in mouse thrombopoiesis 

      Zhang, Lin; Orban, Martin; Lorenz, Michael; Barocke, Verena; Braun, Daniela Anne; Urtz, Nicole; Schulz, Christian; von Brühl, Marie-Luise; Tirniceriu, Anca; Gaertner, Florian; Proia, Richard L.; Graf, Thomas; Bolz, Steffen-Sebastian; Montanez, Eloi; Prinz, Marco; Müller, Alexandra; von Baumgarten, Louisa; Billich, Andreas; Sixt, Michael; Fässler, Reinhard; Von Andrian, Ulrich H.; Junt, Tobias; Massberg, Steffen (The Rockefeller University Press, 2012)
      Millions of platelets are produced each hour by bone marrow (BM) megakaryocytes (MKs). MKs extend transendothelial proplatelet (PP) extensions into BM sinusoids and shed new platelets into the blood. The mechanisms that ...