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    • Aged-Related Neural Changes During Memory Conjunction Errors 

      Giovanello, Kelly S.; Kensinger, Elizabeth A; Wong, Alana T.; Schacter, Daniel L. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, 2010)
      Human behavioral studies demonstrate that healthy aging is often accompanied by increases in memory distortions or errors. Here we used event-related functional MRI to examine the neural basis of age-related memory ...
    • How Negative Emotion Enhances the Visual Specificity of a Memory 

      Kensinger, Elizabeth A; Garoff-Eaton, Rachel J.; Schacter, Daniel L. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, 2007)
      Some studies have suggested that emotion primarily increases memory for “gist,” and does not enhance memory for detail. There are, however, some instances in which negative objects (e.g., snake, grenade) are remembered ...
    • Prefrontal Activity and Diagnostic Monitoring of Memory Retrieval: fMRI of the Criterial Recollection Task 

      Gallo, David A.; Kensinger, Elizabeth A; Schacter, Daniel L. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, 2006)
      According to the distinctiveness heuristic, subjects rely more on detailed recollections (and less on familiarity) when memory is tested for pictures relative to words, leading to reduced false recognition. If so, then ...