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    • Collective transport of complex objects by simple robots: Theory and experiments 

      Rubenstein, Michael; Cabrera, Adrian; Werfel, Justin K; Habibi, Golnaz; McLurkin, James; Nagpal, Radhika (2013)
      Ants show an incredible ability to collectively transport complex irregular-shaped objects with seemingly simple coordination. Achieving similarly effective collective transport with robots has potential applications in ...
    • Kilobot: A Low Cost Scalable Robot System for Collective Behaviors 

      Rubenstein, Michael; Ahler, Christian Tjornelund; Nagpal, Radhika (Computer Society Press of the IEEE, 2012)
      In current robotics research there is a vast body of work on algorithms and control methods for groups of decentralized cooperating robots, called a swarm or collective. These algorithms are generally meant to control ...
    • Kilobot: A Robotic Module for Demonstrating Behaviors in a Large Scale (\(2^{10}\) Units) Collective 

      Rubenstein, Michael; Nagpal, Radhika (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010)
      A collective of robots can together complete a task that is beyond the capabilities of any of its individual robots. One property of a robotic collective that allows it to complete such a task is the shape of the collective. ...