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    • Deadly Diving? Physiological and Behavioural Management of Decompression Stress in Diving Mammals 

      Hooker, S. K.; Fahlman, A.; Aguilar de Soto, N.; Bernaldo de Quirós, Y.; Brubakk, A. O.; Costidis, A. M.; Dennison, S.; Falke, K. J.; Fitz-Clarke, J. R.; Garner, M. M.; Houser, D. S.; Jepson, P. D.; Kvadsheim, P. H.; Rowles, T. K.; Van Bonn, W.; Weathersby, P. K.; Weise, M. J.; Tyack, P. L.; Moore, M. J.; Costa, D. P.; Fernandez, A.; Ferrigno, Massimo; Ketten, Darlene; Madsen, P. T.; Pollock, Nira; Rotstein, D. S.; Simmons, S. E.; Williams, T. M. (The Royal Society, 2011)
      Decompression sickness (DCS; ‘the bends’) is a disease associated with gas uptake at pressure. The basic pathology and cause are relatively well known to human divers. Breath-hold diving marine mammals were thought to be ...