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    • Continuous Flow Microfluidic Bioparticle Concentrator 

      Martel, Joseph M.; Smith, Kyle C.; Dlamini, Mcolisi; Pletcher, Kendall; Yang, Jennifer; Karabacak, Murat; Haber, Daniel A.; Kapur, Ravi; Toner, Mehmet (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      Innovative microfluidic technology has enabled massively parallelized and extremely efficient biological and clinical assays. Many biological applications developed and executed with traditional bulk processing techniques ...
    • Particle Focusing in Microchannels 

      Martel, Joseph Maurice (2014-02-25)
      The ability to control the motion of particles and cells in microchannels has been a center of fascination since the advent of microfluidics. Entire fields have been created in order to accomplish separation, volume reduction ...
    • A Worldwide Competition to Compare the Speed and Chemotactic Accuracy of Neutrophil-Like Cells 

      Skoge, Monica; Wong, Elisabeth; Hamza, Bashar; Bae, Albert; Martel, Joseph; Kataria, Rama; Keizer-Gunnink, Ineke; Kortholt, Arjan; Van Haastert, Peter J. M.; Charras, Guillaume; Janetopoulos, Christopher; Irimia, Daniel (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Chemotaxis is the ability to migrate towards the source of chemical gradients. It underlies the ability of neutrophils and other immune cells to hone in on their targets and defend against invading pathogens. Given the ...