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    • Exit from Contract 

      Bar-Gill, Oren; Ben-Shahar, Omri (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2014)
      Exit from contract is one of the most powerful consumer protection devices, freeing consumers from bad deals and keeping businesses honest. Yet consumers often choose transactions with lock-in provisions, trading off exit ...
    • Guilty Pleasures 

      Bar-Gill, Oren (University of Chicago Law School and Gifford Combs, 2015)
    • Law and the Boundaries of Technology-Intensive Firms 

      Bar-Gill, Oren; Parchomovsky, Gideon (University of Pennsylvania, 2009)
    • The Law, Economics and Psychology of Subprime Mortgage Contracts 

      Bar-Gill, Oren (Cornell Law Review, 2009)
    • Making Credit Safer 

      Bar-Gill, Oren; Warren, Elizabeth (University of Pennsylvania, 2008)
    • Price Caps in Multi-Price Markets 

      Bar-Gill, Oren (2015)
      Many consumer markets feature a multi-dimensional price. A policymaker – a legislator, a regulator or a court – concerned about the level of one price dimension may decide to cap this price. How will such a price cap affect ...
    • Regulation as Delegation 

      Bar-Gill, Oren; Sunstein, Cass Robert (2015)
      In diverse areas – from retirement savings, to fuel economy, to prescription drugs, to consumer credit, to food and beverage consumption – government makes personal decisions for us or helps us make what it sees as better ...