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    • A BioBrick compatible strategy for genetic modification of plants 

      Boyle, Patrick M; Burrill, Devin Rene; Inniss, Mara Christine; Agapakis, Christina M; Deardon, Aaron; dewerd, Jonathan G; Gedeon, Michael A; Quinn, Jacqueline Y; Paull, Morgan L; Raman, Anugraha M; Theilmann, Mark R; Wang, Lu; Winn, Julia C; Medvedik, Oliver; Schellenberg, Kurt William; Haynes, Karmella; Viel, Alain; Brenner, Tamara Jane; Church, George McDonald; Shah, Jagesh V.; Silver, Pamela A. (BioMed Central, 2012)
      Background: Plant biotechnology can be leveraged to produce food, fuel, medicine, and materials. Standardized methods advocated by the synthetic biology community can accelerate the plant design cycle, ultimately making ...
    • Eukaryotic Systems Broaden the Scope of Synthetic Biology 

      Haynes, Karmella A.; Silver, Pamela A. (The Rockefeller University Press, 2009)
      Synthetic biology aims to engineer novel cellular functions by assembling well-characterized molecular parts (i.e., nucleic acids and proteins) into biological “devices” that exhibit predictable behavior. Recently, efforts ...