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    • Network Dynamics Underlying Speed-Accuracy Trade-Offs in Response to Errors 

      Agam, Yigal; Carey, Caitlin; Barton, Jason J. S.; Dyckman, Kara A.; Lee, Adrian K. C.; Vangel, Mark; Manoach, Dara S. (Public Library of Science, 2013)
      The ability to dynamically and rapidly adjust task performance based on its outcome is fundamental to adaptive, flexible behavior. Over trials of a task, responses speed up until an error is committed and after the error ...
    • Neural markers of errors as endophenotypes in neuropsychiatric disorders 

      Manoach, Dara S.; Agam, Yigal (Frontiers Media S.A., 2013)
      Learning from errors is fundamental to adaptive human behavior. It requires detecting errors, evaluating what went wrong, and adjusting behavior accordingly. These dynamic adjustments are at the heart of behavioral flexibility ...
    • Robust Selectivity to Two-Object Images in Human Visual Cortex 

      Agam, Yigal; Liu, Hesheng; Papanastassiou, Alexander; Buia, Calin; Golby, Alexandra Jacqueline; Madsen, Joseph Russell; Kreiman, Gabriel (Elsevier BV, 2010)
      We can recognize objects in complex images in a fraction of a second. Neuronal responses in macaque areas V4 and inferior temporal cortex to preferred stimuli are typically suppressed by the addition of other objects within ...