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    • Algorithms and Models for Genome Biology 

      Zou, James Yang (2014-02-25)
      New advances in genomic technology make it possible to address some of the most fundamental questions in biology for the first time. They also highlight a need for new approaches to analyze and model massive amounts of ...
    • Approval Voting Behavior in Doodle Polls 

      Zou, James; Meir, Reshef; Parkes, David C. (2014)
      Doodle is a simple and popular online system for scheduling events. It is an implementation of the approval voting mechanism, where candidates are the time slots and each responder approves a subset of the slots. We analyze ...
    • Are you Going to Do That? Contingent-Payment Mechanisms to Improve Coordination 

      Ma, Hongyao; Meir, Reshef; Parkes, David C.; Zou, James (2015)
      In this extended abstract, we consider simple coordination problems, such as allocating the right to use a shared sports facility in a way that maximizes its usage, or picking the time of a meeting in a way that maximizes ...
    • Contrastive Learning Using Spectral Methods 

      Zou, James Yang; Hsu, Daniel; Parkes, David C.; Adams, Ryan Prescott (Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation, 2013)
      In many natural settings, the analysis goal is not to characterize a single data set in isolation, but rather to understand the difference between one set of observations and another. For example, given a background corpus ...
    • Get Another Worker? Active Crowdlearning With Sequential Arrivals 

      Zou, James Yang; Parkes, David C. (2012)
    • Priors for Diversity in Generative Latent Variable Models 

      Zou, James Yang; Adams, Ryan Prescott (Curran Associates, Inc., 2012)
      Probabilistic latent variable models are one of the cornerstones of machine learning. They offer a convenient and coherent way to specify prior distributions over unobserved structure in data, so that these unknown ...
    • Religion and HIV in Tanzania: influence of religious beliefs on HIV stigma, disclosure, and treatment attitudes 

      Zou, James Yang; Yamanaka, Yvonne; John, Muze; Watt, Melissa; Ostermann, Jan; Thielman, Nathan (BioMed Central, 2009)
      Background: Religion shapes everyday beliefs and activities, but few studies have examined its associations with attitudes about HIV. This exploratory study in Tanzania probed associations between religious beliefs and HIV ...
    • Strategic Voting Behavior in Doodle Polls 

      Zou, James; Meir, Reshef; Parkes, David C. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2015)
      Finding a common time slot for a group event is a daily conundrum and illustrates key features of group decision-making. It is a complex interplay of individual incentives and group dynamics. A participant would like the ...
    • Tolerable Manipulability in Dynamic Assignment without Money 

      Zou, James Yang; Gujar, Sujit; Parkes, David C. (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Press, 2010)
      We study a problem of dynamic allocation without money. Agents have arrivals and departures and strict preferences over items. Strategyproofness requires the use of an arrival-priority serial-dictatorship (APSD) mechanism, ...