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    • Adverse Drug Events in Ambulatory Care 

      Gandhi, Tejal; Weingart, Saul N.; Borus, Joshua; Seger, Andrew C; Peterson, Josh; Burdick, Elisabeth; Seger, Diane L.; Small, Kirstin; Federico, Frank; Leape, Lucian; Bates, David (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2003-04-17)
      Background: Adverse events related to drugs occur frequently among inpatients, and many of these events are preventable. However, few data are available on adverse drug events among outpatients. We conducted a study to ...
    • Incidence and Preventability of Adverse Drug Events Among Older Persons in the Ambulatory Setting 

      Gurwitz, Jerry H.; Field, Terry S.; Harrold, Leslie R.; Rothschild, Jeffrey; Debellis, Kristin; Seger, Andrew; Cadoret, Cynthia; Fish, Leslie S.; Garber, Lawrence; Kelleher, Michael; Bates, David (American Medical Association (AMA), 2003-03-05)
      Context: Adverse drug events, especially those that may be preventable, are among the most serious concerns about medication use in older persons cared for in the ambulatory clinical setting. Objective: To assess the ...
    • Patient-Reported Medication Symptoms in Primary Care 

      Weingart, Saul N.; Gandhi, Tejal; Seger, Andrew; Seger, Diane L.; Borus, Joshua; Burdick, Elizabeth; Leape, Lucian; Bates, David (American Medical Association (AMA), 2005-01-24)
      Background Little is known about the prevalence and character of medication-related symptoms in primary care and their relationship to adverse drug events (ADEs) or about factors that affect patient-physician communication ...