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    • Estimating the Impact of Plasma HIV-1 RNA Reductions on Heterosexual HIV-1 Transmission Risk 

      Lingappa, Jairam R.; Baeten, Jared M.; Celum, Connie; Gray, Glenda E.; Stevens, Wendy S.; Donnell, Deborah; Farquhar, Carey; Mullins, James I.; Coombs, Robert W.; Rees, Helen; Corey, Lawrence; Wald, Anna; Hughes, James P.; Wang, Richard S.; Campbell, Mary S.; Essex, Myron Elmer (Public Library of Science, 2010)
      Background: The risk of sexual transmission of HIV-1 is strongly associated with the level of HIV-1 RNA in plasma making reduction in HIV-1 plasma levels an important target for HIV-1 prevention interventions. A quantitative ...